SWE 619 Assignment 4
Fall 2017

Goal: Rep-Invariants, contracts, tests.
Revisit the GrowList class from assignment 3. You should consider the mutable version. The abstraction function is already implemented, but the rep-invariant is not.

There are two parts to the assignment.

  1. Implement the rep-invariant (as repOk()).
  2. Consider the statement deletion mutation operator (SDL) , which deletes a statement from a program. A mutant produced by this operator is detected if there is a test that has different outputs on the original program and the mutated program. Find two instances of this operator: To help out the GTA, document your SDL faults with easily identifiable comments in your code. Make the two faults/tests independent, which means that you find a test that violate the rep-invariant without violating a contract and vice versa. If that is not possible, explain why not.