SWE 619 Assignment 9
Fall 2017

Goal: Temporal Logic / Specification Patterns.

Note: You might find the Huth and Ryan text useful for some of these exercises:

M.R.A. Huth and M.D. Ryan. Logic in Computer Science. Second Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2004, ISBN 978-0-521-54310-1. Direct Safari Link General Safari Link (off campus)

The non-bonus part of this assignment is a paper/pencil exercise only. Use the KSU slides covered in the lecture as a resource to help you formulate the following in CTL. You should use the variables listed in typewriter font as your primitive propositions.

  1. It is possible to get to a state where started holds, but ready does not hold.
  2. For any state, if a request (of some resource) occurs, then it will eventually be acknowledged.
  3. A certain process is enabled infinitely often on every computation path.
  4. Whatever happens, a certain process will eventually be permanently deadlocked.
  5. From any state, it is possible to get to a restart state.
  6. An upwards travelling elevator at the second floor does not change its direction when it has passengers wishing to go to the fifth floor.
    Use predicates such as direction == up, floor == 2, and Button5Pressed.
  7. The elevator can remain idle on the third floor with its doors closed.
  8. After switchClosed becomes true, valueOpen is never true.
  9. After q, p is not true until r.
  10. Variable toggle varies between true and false on successive states.

For those interested in bonus points, consider the traffic light specification shown in class. Expand the SMV to model a more complex intersection. For example, you could consider an intersection with a left-turn arrow. Write SPEC clauses to capture the following property:

Finally, verify these properties with SMV. You can download SMV in various forms from Carnegie Mellon or NuSMV.

As an additional example, you might find the mutual exclusion example of interest.

Note: NuSMV requires a slightly cleaner syntax than SMV. In particular, NuSMV does not recognize "1" as a boolean constant; use "TRUE" instead. NuSMV also has deprecated processes; I'd be happy to have someone figure out the appropriate replacement.

Bonus credit (up to 3 points) only available if you demonstrate that you had SMV running.