SWE 637 Homework 3
Spring 2018
Test Doubles

This week's assignment is to take in-class exercise #3 and fill in the details. At the end of the exercise, you should have compilable, running Java for all the parts discussed: the reservation service, the ranking service (both real and fake), and JUnit tests.

An option for those of you looking to learn a bit more is to use a mocking tool to implement the test doubles and the assertions in your tests.

Deliverable: Write a story explaining what you did in a way that is accessible to a typical software developer. In other words, someone who has only a very vague idea of what test doubles are should be able to read your story and understand test doubles better. Part of the grading will be an assessment of how clear your story is.

Bonus option: Work out a better example that is suitable for textbook use.

This assignment is an obvious candidate for collaboration. If you don't want to travel/meet, you can probably do a lot of this with DropBox or Google docs. We'll leave some time at the end of class so that students who want to work together can briefly discuss plans.