SWE 637 Homework 4
Spring 2018
Input Space Partition Testing

For this assignment, you have a choice. Do one of the following two exercises.
  1. Ammann and Offutt Exercise 6.2, Number 7. (Pages 91-92) If you wish to use a different web page, that's fine. You should produce a story explaining what you did. (Part (g) is optional as up to 2 points bonus credit.)
  2. Download and use a combinatorial testing tool to generate combinatorial tests for some artifact of your choosing. You can start looking at the Pairwise Testing site, or you can go directly to a specific tool such as the NIST ACTS.
    Turn in a brief report that convinces me that you had the tool running and also reflects on the attributes of the resulting tests (e.g. how many, what happened with constraints, etc.)