SWE 737 Course Syllabus

   Advanced Software Testing
   Spring 2018
Professor:  Paul Ammann 
Office:  Engineering Building 4428, 993-1660 
Email:  pammann@gmu.edu
URL:  http://cs.gmu.edu/~pammann/737.html
Class Hours:  Monday 4:30 to 7:10, Innovation Hall 206
Prerequisite:  SWE 637 or POI. Contact me if you have questions.


This class is a seminar! It is not a lecture class. Students should expect to contribute heavily to the class.

Course Description

This version of SWE 737 is about advanced testing techniques. The heart of the course is a testing-related research project, drawn from one of three areas:

Degree Credit for PhD IT Students

This class counts towards the "Select at least 18 credit hours with at least 12 credits at the 700 level as follows" requirement in the Software Engineering Advanced Emphasis Requirement.
Note: The CS department approved adding SWE 737 to this list in 2016, but a clerical error resulted in it not appearing in the 2017-2018 catalog. Nonetheless, the vote is what is binding, and hence the course does count towards this requirement.

Course Materials

Approximate Schedule: Revisions likely!


There are three specific expectations of students in this class.

PhD students should aim for a paper/project that is potentially publishable. Often, such papers require additional work outside the scope of the class to bring them to the level of quality required to satisfy a typical set of reviewers. MS students are also welcome to aim for publication. However, many MS students are often interested in more practical applications.


Grades are computed as: Class participation (25%); Discussion leading (25%); Project (50%).