SWE 795 Course Syllabus

   Advanced Testing Techniques
   Fall 2014
Professor:  Paul Ammann 
Office:  Engineering Building 4428, 993-1660 
Email:  pammann@gmu.edu
URL:  http://cs.gmu.edu/~pammann/795.html
Class Hours:  Monday 4:30 to 7:10, Nyugen Engineering 1103
Prerequisite:  SWE 637 or POI. Contact me if you have questions.
Office Hours:  Mondays and Thursdays 2-3PM; anytime electronically; after class; by appointment


This class is a seminar! It is not a lecture class. Students should expect to contribute heavily to the class.

Course Description

This version of SWE 795 is about advanced testing techniques. I will focus on two (very different) areas where I am actively involved in research: I expect that most students will choose to work in one of these areas, but it is also possible, with instructor approval, to focus on a different advanced testing technique.

Note: This class counts towards the "12 credits from SWE 700-level courses and IT-SWE courses" in the Software Engineering Advanced Emphasis Requirement.

Course Materials

Approximate Schedule: Revisions likely!


There are three specific expectations of students in this class.

PhD students should aim for a paper/project that is potentially publishable. Often, such papers require additional work outside the scope of the class to bring them to the level of quality required to satisfy a typical set of reviewers. MS students are also welcome to aim for publication. However, many MS students are often interested in more practical applications.


Grades are computed as: Class participation (33%); Discussion leading (33%); Project (33%).