International Workshop on Algorithms
and Network  Theory
July 6 - 9, 1998
Warrenton , Virginia  USA

IWANT is a workshop designed to bring together researchers interested in network communication.  The emphasis will be on network information dissemination algorithms and related problems; empirical results are welcome but emphasis will be on theoretical analyses of the algorithms and related graph theoretical properties of communications networks.  (This workshop continues the tradition  of IWIN and similar North American workshops in Vancouver and Eugene.)

Presentations are encouraged of recent research directions.  However ,an objective of the workshop will be to foster interaction and collaboration, so time will also be scheduled for spontaneous discussions.  To that end, a conference center an hour south of Washington D.C. has been chosen to encourage attendees to remain at the conference center.

Airlie Center, located in Warrenton, Virginia,  is a picturesque and isolated estate that will encourage small group interaction.  It is an hour from D.C. by car.  Further information about the center and its location can be found at  (A van from Dulles Airport is $45 with White Service, see the webpage.) We will try to organize a vanpool (departing from a Metro location early monday morning) so indicate any interest in such a service; price unknown at this point.

Cost at Airlie Center is $190 per day ,single occupancy, and $160 per day, double occupancy.  This price includes lodging, three meals, coffee breaks, and conference fees.  This can be paid upon arrival by credit card (as a courtesy to those dealing in foreign currency) however we strongly encourage payment in advance (either by giving a credit card number or a check made out to Airlie Center) so that we can with confidence reserve more than 26 rooms we currently hold.

The tenative schedule begins with registration before lunch on Monday and ending before lunch on Thursday (3 full days).  (The late beginning is to allow attendees to spend Sunday, if so desired ,  in the D.C. area to sightsee, and still come down Monday morning. We can recommend hotels near D.C.)  Staying Sunday evening at Airlie (same rate) may be possible given early notice.

Please contact us by May 1 so that we can firm up our reservation.  Email  us anything you wish to be included in the program (Title/Name/Affiliatiion/Abstract or /Open problems) which we will format.

Dana Richards
Department of Computer Science
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA
(703) 993-1545