BigCountdown is a simple timer application with humongous digits. I hacked this up because I do a lot of presentations, and I need to know how long I have talked, from a far distance, and often in the dark. At right is BigCountdown counting down from about 18 hours, 50 minutes, and 53 seconds.

BigCountdown counts up or down. It will count up to the requested time if you set the timer with a "+". It will count down from the requested time if you set the timer with a "-". You can pause and unpause the timer, and stop and restart it. You can also change the requested time mid-countdown, perhaps to add more time. BigCountdown only works on an MP2x00 or Emate, and only in landscape mode.

New in BigCountDown When BigCountDown is first launched, it displays the current time. As soon as you start the timer, the time is no longer displayed and you cannot see the current time again without closing and launching again.

Download BigCountdown

Download BigCountdown in Newton Package format as BigCountdown.pkg. Or download BigCountdown, plus its source code, in Stuffit format as BigCountdown.sit. Even with the giant digits, BigCountdown takes up only 34K stored inside a Newton.