Waba has a variety of controls, which it can display either with a Palm Pilot look or a WinCE look, depending on whether or not the user has requested to display in color/grayscale or black and white. Here's the Controls test app in both formats.
There are Waba packages for drawing in 3D and doing animation.
The Santa game requires you to drop presents into moving chimneys. The SuckOMeter tests whether something sucks or not. Thank goodness when I pointed it at the Waba for the Newton source code on my Powerbook, I was told that it does not suck!
Koyomi displays the Japanese buddhist calendar. Timer provides a stopwatch.
Scribble lets you, er, scribble. Hanoi is the tower of hanoi program, written by our very own Steve Weyer. To see his JavaScript version of the same program, go here.

Here's a comparison of Steve Weyer's "Ellie's Countdown" programs, written in NewtonScript and in Waba. Steve also has a JavaScript version of the program, here.