Lisp at GMU A page of resources for getting Lisp, running it, and understanding it, with a focus on classes here at GMU. Including a set of tutorials I wrote on learning the basics of Lisp for non-functional-style programmers.
Rome Bike Commute A video of my fun sabbatical bike commute through Rome. With accompanying map.
The Bike Friday Tikit A review of a very impressive bike.
The Nokia N800 ... and its GUI shortcomings from a Newton developer's perspective. In which I discuss how Nokia might improve its Internet Tablet. Plus how-tos on using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with the N800, and a Python GUI toolkit I made for it.
Java Was Strongly Influenced by Objective-C A copy of a USENET posting by Patrick Naughton, which hopefully puts to rest the Java/C++ relationship nonsense.
Newton Projects
Overlord A 2-week Dates overview for the MP2K or Emate, in Landscape mode only.
Hemlock A free internet search tool for the Newton, extensible through Apple Computer's Sherlock’ plugins. Hemlock requires Newt's Cape in order to run.
Waba for the Newton An open-source release of the the Waba virtual machine ported to NewtonOS 2.x. Waba is a stripped-down version of Java, and highly portable.
Big Countdown A simple timer application with gigantic digits, so it can be seen from far distances. For MP2K or Emate in Landscape mode only.
Backdrop Images Various backdrop images for the Newton, from Pixar, The Phantom Menace (my apologies), and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in the original The Avengers. Meant to be used with Avi's Backdrop on a Newton MessagePad 2000, 2100, or Emate 300.
The MP100 Power-Off Page Newton MessagePad MP100s eventually get sick and turn themselves off as soon as you turn them on. I have a page devoted to curing them of this ailment.
Chinese Applications Various applications for using Chinese on the Newton. CharDict is a large Chinese dictionary. Radicals is a radical/stroke-based Chinese input system. I also have an input module for Joseph Chen's Chinese Input System.
Fonts Chinese and laser printer fonts for the Newton MessagePad.
Books Some books for your perusal. Including a rather complete calorie listing, and Dreyfus and Assange's Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness, and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier.
NeXTstep Projects
Resound A modular sound editor designed to be extendable through plug-ins.
COWS COWS is a macro language which can be easily embedded into NeXTSTEP Objective-C applications for a wide variety of uses. (No, don’t intend on a Cocoa version, sorry). Download COWS.