What is a tikit?

The tikit is a folding bike by Bike Friday, a bike manufacturer in Eugene, Oregon. The tikit is famous for its speed of folding and unfolding: unlike most folding bikes, the tikit has few latches and no post-unfolding adjustment. As a result, certain versions of the tikit can be folded or unfolded in less than five seconds.

The tikit is also distinguished among folding bikes in its high customizability and use of standard parts. Bike Friday makes all their bikes by hand in Oregon, and customization (both at the factory and afterwards) is a hallmark of the brand.

Like all folding bikes, the tikit has its own special maintenance and upkeep issues. The purpose of this wiki is to gather together most relevant knowledge about the bike, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to maintain and upgrade it. We hope tikit owners find it useful.

The wiki is presently hosted by Sean Luke. If you are interested in editing or contributing to it, contact him.

Various banner pictures courtesy of Vikram Banerjee at The Lazy Randonneur.