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SeminarSchedule: Fall2009

Seminar Schedule of Fall 2009
09/04/200912:00 PMVirusMeter: Protecting Your Cellphone from SpiesLei LiuSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4201
09/10/20093:00 PMBusiness-Oriented Autonomic Load Balancing for Multitiered Web SitesJohn EwingSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4201
09/17/20093:00 PMQuantification of Computer Security: Some Case StudiesMichel CukierFrank WangEngineering Building, Room 4201
09/25/200912:00 PMOn the Effectiveness of Low Latency Anonymous Network in the Presence of Timing AttackJing JinSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4801
10/16/200912:00 PMExploitation and Threat Analysis of Open Mobile DevicesLei LiuSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4201
10/21/200911:30 AMImproving and Securing Mobile Internet AccessesSongqing ChenVISTEJC Gold Room
11/13/200912:00 PMOn the Internet, "Am I Really not a Dog?'' Assessing the Credibility of Online Personas via Social NetworksMichael SirivianosAngelos StarvrouEngineering Building, Room 4201
12/04/200912:00 PMSecurity Vulnerabilities in US Voting Machine Systems: A Summary of Two Large-scale Academic Studies of Electronic Voting SystemsMicah SherrAngelos StarvrouEngineering Building, Room 4201
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