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SeminarSchedule: Spring2009

Seminar Schedule of Spring 2009
01/30/20093:00 PMSampling Attacks Against Hidden Web DatabasesProf. Nan ZhangSongqing ChenST2, Room 430A
02/13/20093:00 PMPreventing SQL Injection Attacks: A Policy-based Data Type Checking ApproachAnyi LiuSongqing ChenST2, Room 430A
02/20/20092:00 PMOne Cell is Enough to Break Tor's AnonymityProf. Xinwen FuSongqing ChenST2, Room 430A
03/03/200912:00 PMOnline Scheduling of Packets with Deadlines in a Bounded BufferProf. Fei LiJyh-Ming LienST2, Room 430A
04/10/20093:00 PMDefeating Anti-detection for Application-level Malware AnalysisLei LiuSongqing ChenST2, Room 430A
04/24/20093:00 PMOpen Problems in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network SecurityEric SwankoskiSanjeev SetiaEngineering Building, Room 4201
05/01/20093:00 PMA Case Study of Traffic Locality in Internet P2P Live Streaming SystemsYao LiuSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4201
05/08/20093:00 PMTowards Optimal Resource Utilization in Heterogeneous P2P StreamingDongyu LiuSongqing ChenEngineering Building, Room 4201
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