George Mason University
Department of Computer Science
Undergraduate Teaching Advisor Application Form

Application for Year _________                         Semester (check one)   Fall ____       Spring ____      Summer   _____

Name (Last, First MI) ____________________________               Phone Number         ______________________

Student ID Number   _____________________________            GMU Email Address                            

** Primary application deadlines are as follows: Fall: July 1, Spring: Dec. 1, Summer: April 1.  Applications received after these deadlines will be processed on an as-needed basis. Please email your completed application to the UTA Coordinator (Prof. Tamara Maddox) at

Fill in your grades for required CS courses you have completed. Use "T" for transferred courses.
CS101    _______                   CS211    _______                   CS306    _______                   CS 367  ______   
CS105    _______                   CS222    _______                   CS310    _______                   Other     ______    _______
CS112    _______                   CS262    _______                   CS321    _______                   Other     ______    _______

Total GMU Credit Hours completed _________            Overall GPA  __________    Comp. Sci. GPA ___________

List all programming languages/packages in which you feel competent to program or assist students:
If you would like to assist with CS 112 (Python), CS 211/310 (Java) or CS 262/222 (C) based on courses taken elsewhere, please note experience here:

List courses you are interested in (or willing to consider) assisting with as a UTA, in order of preference:

UTA Responsibilities (circle all that you are interested in / willing to perform):
Grading                              Assisting Students (Scheduling form required)
Labs/Homework                         Answering Piazza/Blackboard questions
Written reports                       Assisting during labs (Specify lab sections)
Quizzes                               Holding office hours (Specify preferences)
                                      Assisting students with online research
Class Projects/Assignments            Assisting students with writing/editing
Developing assignments
Preparing quizzes                    Assisting Groups (Scheduling form required)
Coding programming assignments        Review sessions (tests/specific topics)
Testing submitted student programs    Specialty learning sessions (e.g. Unix)

Other activities (specify):

Specify (in order) the three responsibilities which you would feel most *confident* performing:

1) ___________________________      2) __________________________   3) ____________________________

Specify (in order of preference) the three responsibilities you are most *interested* in focusing on:

1) ___________________________      2) __________________________   3) ____________________________

How many hours do you wish to work per week?   Ideal _______  Max__________   Min ___________
(Note: Most UTAs work between 2 and 12 hours per week.  Your "max" and "min" hours are assumed to be definitive.  In other
words, if you list minimum hours as 5, we will assume that you do *not* wish to be considered for a position with  < 5 hours per week.)

Note:  Section A should be completed only by previous UTAs.  Section B should be completed only by new  UTA applicants.

A.    For Previous UTAs:

For each semester you have worked as a UTA, specify the courses, duties and primary faculty member(s) involved:

Semester       Course        Faculty              Responsibilities
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________
__________     ________    _______________    ___________________________________________________

If there is a particular faculty member you would most like to work with, please note this here: ___________________

Please check one:
I would prefer to be assigned ________ similar responsibilities to those I have performed in the past.
                                                  ________ different responsibilities than those I have performed in the past.
                                                  ________ a mixture of new and old responsibilities.

For applicants interested in new responsibilities, please explain below (e.g. increasing your experience,
newly qualified in another area, etc.)

B.    For New UTA applicants only:

Name of faculty sponsor who will recommend you ________________________________________________
(For full consideration, sponsor must email a short letter of recommendation to the UTA Coordinator by the primary application deadline.)

Why do you want to be a UTA?  (Write a short paragraph explaining why you would like to be a UTA, and why you feel you would be good at the specific responsibilities that you are most interested in.  If you have any special skills or experience that would be helpful for this position, please note it here.)

PART C. In order to be considered for any of the categories listed under Assisting Students or Teaching, you must complete the attached scheduling form indicating your specific availability. Please also complete this section if your duties are likely to include in-class student assistance (e.g. helping with CS 306 mock trials).

Please indicate on the below chart any times during which you would NOT be available for UTA responsibilities:
7:00 A.M.              
8:00 A.M.              
9:00 A.M.              
10:00 A.M.              
11:00 A.M.              
12:00 Noon              
1:00 P.M.              
2:00 P.M.              
3:00 P.M.              
4:00 P.M.              
5:00 P.M.              
6:00 P.M.              
7:00 P.M.              
8:00 P.M.              
9:00 P.M.              
10:00 P.M.              
11:00 P.M.              
12:00 Midnight              

For classes requiring labs (e.g. 112, 211, 262), please review the current class schedule and indicate your availability for specific labs:
Class       I prefer the following lab sections:              I am also available for sections:

______    ______________________________    ___________________________________________

______    ______________________________    ___________________________________________

General Scheduling Preferences (Please indicate the days and times you would most like to work; be
sure to indicate if it makes a difference whether the work is to be performed on-campus or at home.)
[e.g.  For on-campus work, I prefer Tue/Thu from 8-11:30 a.m., or Sat. noon - 5 p.m.  For work at home, I prefer weekends 6 p.m. - 12 midnight.]