Schedule is subject to change based on needs of the class
* Reading Assignments: Due by the beginning of class in the week noted below
 * Written Assignments: Due by date and time specified online or in class (see assignments)

Class Day


Reading Assignment Due

Individual Assignment Due

Team/Preparation Assignment Due

Week 1

Intro. to class project, U.S./Va legal system; 
Legal Research Guide;
Red Book Ch. 1; Review Project info.

**Mini-Essay 1
Due Wed. 1/29 (on BB)

** No Mon. Classes **

Week 2

Reading legal cases; 
Assign trials /witnesses
Intro. to Phil. Ethics

EF Cultural Travel v. Explorica;Computer Fraud & Abuse Act;
Tavani Chapter 2

**Legal Research Exercise Due by Sat. 2/1 (on BB)

Week 3 

Logic;  SW liability;  Professionalism;
Group Project work;

Tavani: Chapter 3

Tavani Chapter 4

** Project Para. due in class

**Prepare for witness interviews next week

Week 4 2/10

Plagiarism; UCITA;
Intellectual Property;
mock trial interviews
Tavani: Chapter 8;
Sony v. Universal City Studios;

**Main Essay 1 due Sat. 2/15 (on BB)

Week 5 2/17

Intellectual Prop. & the Internet;
** Quest 1 **
RIAA v. Napster 
MGM v. Grokster 
Statute of Anne
Creative Groups: Part 1 Leadership eval. forms due in class (Wed./Thurs.)  ** Project Part 1 Due: Wed. 2/19

Week 6 2/24

Intro. to Free Speech
Fairy Tale Interviews
Tavani: Chapter  9;
Brandenburg v. Ohio;
Jeremy Jaynes v. Va.

Week 7

Free Speech (cont.)
Fairy Tale Overview

NY Times v. U.S. ("Pentagon Papers");
**FT questions due in class
**Creative Groups: Part 2 Leadership eval. forms due in  class (Wed./Thurs.)
** Project Part 2 Due: Wed. 3/4
**fairy tale trial prep
**3/9-3/15Spring Break** No Classes **

Week 8 3/16

Fairy Tale Trials!!!

Mock Trial video;
Review rules of evidence, trial outline

**Main Essay 2 due Sat. 3/21 (on BB)

Week 9 3/23

Final Fairy Tale Trials
Free speech and the Internet

Ashcroft v. FSC; 
U.S. v.Williams

** Part 3 Group Leaders ALSO post Part 3 on BB Discussion Board  by 3/28
** Project Part 3 due 3/28 as BB assignment submission  

Week 10 3/30

Mock Trial Tips;
Pretrial: Trials 1 & 2
Mock Trial 1

**Cr. Groups: Part 3 leadership forms due ** Project Part 4 due by 10 p.m. on the night before presentation

Week 11 4/6

Mock Trial 2 

Creative Pres. 1
Pretrial: Trial 3

**ALL Non-Witnesses: Go To Discussion Board and follow instructions to review and critique one of the posted Creative Scenarios.   **Post Feedback by 4/6.
  **Trial Lawyers: Self-Assessment Form due 48 hrs after trial;

  ** Part 4 leadership forms due day of pres. 

Week 12

Mock Trial 3
Creative Pres. 2
Pretrial: Trial 4 (if nec)

**Mini-essay 2 due Sat. 4/18 (on BB)

Week 13 4/20

Mock Trial 4 (if any)
Creative Pres. 3 & 4

Tavani: Ch. 5
**Mini-essay 3 due Sat. 4/25 (on BB)

Week 14 4/27

Privacy;  Parody
Course Wrap-up

In re: Bodil Lindqvist; 
Campbell v. Acuff-Rose

**Creative Groups: Part 5 Leadership forms due in class (Wed./Thurs.) ** Cr. Project Part 5 due Wednesday 4/29 

Week 15 5/4

Exam Review

* Mon. Classes Only *

Weeks 16-17


(Possibly Common for Sections 1-4, 6)

ALL Text/Supplement assignments, Ethics Codes, handouts, class lectures, slides, and in-class presentations

** All Done !!! **


** The assignment due dates apply to all sections (See individual assignments for details)

* See Assignment write-ups for specific deadlines and firm instructions!

** PLEASE NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to refuse to accept late assignments or to penalize them, at her individual discretion. Certain assignments may only be turned in late until the stated date, and after that will not receive credit. In no event will an assignment receive credit if turned in after the last day of regular class (Week 14 or 15 above).