On my honor I/we, ______________________________ pledge that :

I have carefully reviewed the instructor's page explaining the differences
between quotes and citations, and I fully understand when to use each.

The combination of concepts and ideas in this written assignment are my
own or those of my stated partner above.  Any ideas borrowed from any
other source, including the course textbook, materials from the Internet,
or any other source, with the sole exception of material obtained directly
from my professor, have been properly cited, and full credit has been
given to the appropriate source(s).

I used my own original words to complete the majority of this written assignment.
Any words taken directly from another source of *any* sort, whether it
be a textbook, instructor, Internet source, or another student, have been
enclosed within quotation marks and given credit using an appropriate
citation to the proper source.

Although it is acceptable for others to read my work to provide me general
feedback, I may not receive specific assistance on writing or research except
through approved channels of the class (e.g. from a TA/instructor; the GMU
writing center;  my assigned partner in the case of Team Projects; or through
in-class exercises such as Peer Reviews).  I hereby pledge that I have not
received any such specific assistance except as specifically approved by my

To the extent that I have used others' words or ideas without using proper
quotations and citations, or accepted assistance from others outside of that
specifically approved by my instructor, I have committed a violation of the
GMU Honor Code as well as a violation of this Pledge, and accordingly will
expect to face charges for such violations before the GMU Honor Committee.