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Mission Statement

Our lab has two main goals: 1) Study of Human Movement and 2) Simulation of Human Movement. We will study the movement by building a database of functional movements performed by normal and disabled people. The database will be comprised of combined movement measurements: position/rotation data from EMS, accelerometer, and video capture, muscle activity measurement from EMG, and force/pressure measurements. Once the database is constructed we will use it to build generative/predictive models for various functional movements. We will simulate the movement by programming haptic devices to train people in performing functional movements through the use of guidance forces. We will also design computer displays and engaging graphic-user interfaces from which to model and simulate human motion.



The laboratory is comprised of an interdisciplinary group that includes engineers, computer scientists, and physicians. For more details go to the People page.



PHANTOM Omni® Haptic Device

The most cost-effective haptic device offered from Sensable. It has six degree-of-freedom positional sensing and three degrees of force generation up to 3.3 N. The labratory has three of these devices for use.



PHANTOM Premium 3.0/6DOF Haptic Device

The haptic device offered from Sensable, that offers the largest workspace (838 W x 584 H x 406 D mm). It has six degree-of-freedom positional sensing as well as six degrees of force generation up to 22N.


Ascension MotionStar Wireless® 2

An electromagnetic sensor system that allows for motion tracking in six degrees of freedom. It has the ability to track any non-metalic structure. It allows for 18 different sensors to be synchronized for data collection.



Myomonitor® IV Wireless Transmission and Datalogging System

Electromyography system which captures the full EMG bandwidth (20-450 Hz), and allows up to 16 channels for data collection.


Tekscan Pressure Mapping Glove System

Tekscan’s Grip system provides detailed pressure profiles, forces and graphical analysis displays for various grip applications.



Optotrak Certus Motion Capture System

Optotrak technology is the premier choice of industries, universities and research institutions around the world. As research in medicine, biomechanics and industry advances, new applications for the Optotrak Certus motion capture system are continuously in development. Incorporating specialized sensor technology and sophisticated optics design, the Optotrak Certus delivers superior performance in 3D tracking and measurement.