The Visual Yacc Distribution

Visual yacc is a tool that takes a lex and a yacc specification pair and generates a parser with the the same behavior as the original parser plus it will draw a representation of the stack maintained by the parser as well as a corresponding parse tree.

We have only tested this distribution on Sun Solaris systems. We assume that you already have Motif available on your system. The makefile should work without modifications.

The distribution includes a makefile that needs a few modifications. In particular, you will need to change the path name for the distribution to whatever you are using. You may also need to set an appropriate path for the Motif libraries. You may take this distribution and use it both for teaching and personal use. However, I would be very interested in getting feedback and information on how you are using it, particularly if you are using it as courseware. If you send me mail, I can keep you posted about upgrades and bug fixes.

Questions and comments can go to