An Analysis of Island Models in Evolutionary Computation

Zbigniew Skolicki

Here is the dissertation as I submitted it to the library: skolicki-dissertation.pdf. Drop me an email if you find it interesting, or if you want to tell me what you're working on (any comment is welcome :) In fact, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, at

Here is a temporary reformatted version (fewer pages): skolicki-dissertation-reformatted.pdf. Please do not use this version when quoting (I still may prepare a more edited, revised version).

Source code: The code I used in experiments is hacked, undocumented, etc. etc. If you really want to see it, please send me an email. If I clean it up, I will put it on this page.
Previous publication with the same name: I have submitted a short description of an early state of my PhD to the Graduate Workshop at GECCO in 2005, which resulted in a publication with the same title as my dissertation ("An Analysis of Island Models in Evolutionary Computation"). I apologize for naming them the same way - please don't confuse them.