Select Video Demonstrations of Student Final Projects in CS485 (Fall 2018)

Autonomous Pathfinding with Dynamic Obstacles

Entry by Abhinav Kumar, Alex Gardner, Izma Hoque, Nicholas Rivera. Inspired by Moh, Z. 2016 and van Den Berg et al. 2008.

Visibility, Mapping, and Path Planning

Entry by Chris Bradel, Ben Gobel, Sai Risshie Makineni, and Ezra Zike. Inspired by "Multi-Region Inspection by Combining Clustered Traveling Salesman Tours with Sampling-Based Motion Planning" authored by Edelkamp S, Pomarlan M, and Plaku E.

Predator and Prey

Entry by Varun Chalamgari, Soham Shah, Ronald Smith Jr., and Genesis Stone, inspired by bug algorithms.

Reinforcement learning via Q-learning

Entry by Samee Siddiqui, Mansour Faragalla, Ramon Enrique Martínez Díaz, and Hamza Khanane.

Reinforcement learning via Q-learning

Entry by Albert Lam, Carlos Guerra, Manisha Katram inspired by T-RRT algorithm of Cortes J. et al.

Bug0 on Pioneer 3-DX

Entry by Jacob Boisseau, Pablo Turriago-Lopez, Jimmy Prohaska, Cody Kidwell, and Lorenzo Zamora.