Select Video Demonstrations of Student Final Projects in CS689 (Spring 2012)

RRT-based Path Planning

Entry by Steven Clark

(based on Transition-based RRT for Path Planning in Continuous Cost," IROS '08 paper by Jaillet, Cortes, Simeon)

Multi-agent Planning (Flock behavior of fish/boids)

Entry by Jon Hauris

(based on Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model," SIGGRAPH '87 boids paper by Craig Reynolds)

Multi-agent Planning (Swarm behavior on nerd herd)

Entry by Steven Haus

(based on "Interaction and Intelligent Behavior" '94 PhD thesis by Maja Mataric)

Multi-agent Prioritized Planning

Entry by Brian Moriarty and Stuart Roettger

(based on "Prioritized Motion Planning for Multiple Robots" 2005 IROS paper by J. P. van den Berg and M. H. Overmars)

Localization and Replanning

Entry by Shivang Patel, Thomas Gatesman, and Kaustubh Shyama Sundar