Select Video Demonstrations of Student Final Projects in CS689 (Spring 2018)

Tracking Group Targets in a 3D environment

Entry by Jixuan Zhi and Chufan Yu

Flocking Behavior in Unreal Engine 4

Entry by Chau Thai

Lidar Resolution Comparison in 2D LIDAR SLAM

Entry by Nathan Obert and Yongxin Wang

Safe Internal Priority Planning

Entry by Suraj Kulkarni and Shawn Furrow

Posing Parts in the Plane by Pushing

Entry by Joshua Lilly, Nusha Mehmanesh, and Meghana Bontha

Motion Planning with Dynamics by a Synergistic Combination of Layers of Planning

Entry by Nick Mendel and Daniel Balberchack

M*: A Complete Multirobot Path Planning Algorithm with Performance Bounds

Entry by Ben Brumback, Joseph Carter, and Zahra Rajabi