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EC lab Activities

2002 Summer Lecture Series

EClab held an informal lecture series for the 2002 summer on advanced EC topics. Each lecture attempted to provide an introduction to specific advanced topics (mainly theory) for EC, as well as include some suggested reading for those interested in the topic. This page is remains for those interested in downloading the presentations.

People of varying levels of understanding of Evolutionary Computation were encouraged to attend. The lectures were meant to provide background knowledge and understanding of particular advanced topics, as well as to give student and post-doctoral researchers in the group teaching opportunities.

One helpful resource for understanding how these lectures fit into the greater scheme of theoretical research for EC can be found in our still-forming hierarchy of EC theories. You may also download and view slides which introduce the series.

Lecture Schedule

  • July 2 (Tuesday, 3p-5:30p): No Free Lunch    [Thomas Jansen]
    • Intro to the lecture series
    • Original NFL
    • Whitley NFL
    • NFL Assumptions and the NFL Debate
    • The utility of NFL
    • [handout]   [PDF slides]
  • July 18 (Thursday, 3p-5:30p): Schema Theory    [Bill Liles & Paul Wiegand]
    • Overview of Schema Theory
    • Pessimistic Schema Theory
    • Exact Schema Theory
    • Conclusions
    • [handout]   [PDF slides]
  • August 1 (Thursday, 3p-5:30p): Global Analyses    [Thomas Jansen]
    • Analysis of "Convergence"
    • Runtime Analysis
    • Local versus Global Analysis
    • [handout]   [PDF slides]
  • August 15 (Thursday, 3p-5:30p): Walsh Analysis and Deception    [Paul Wiegand]
    • Introduction to Walsh Functions
    • Walsh Coefficients and the BBH
    • Defining Deception using Walsh Functions
    • [handout]   [PDF slides]
  • August 29 (Thursday, 3p-5:30p): Vose Explained    [Rafal Kicinger]
    • Introduction to Vose's Dynamical Systems model of SGA
    • Defining Mixing matrices for variation
    • Markov Models
    • [handout]   [PDF slides]   [PPT slides]

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