Populating Virtual Semantic Environments

Cameron Pelkey and Jan M. Allbeck

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Journal. Vol. 24 Iss. 3-4, pp. 405-412, May 2014.


The capacity for knowledge representation within simulated environments is a growing field of research geared towards the inclusion of detailed descriptors within the environment through which to provide a virtual agent the knowledge necessary to afford decision-making and interaction. One such layer of representation is that concerning the natural-language, or semantic, depiction of the environment and the objects within it. However, even as technology grows more capable of representing such information-rich environments the process of authoring and injecting this knowledge has largely remained a manual effort. Not only is this effort arduous for the author in both time and energy expenditure required, but the process also lends itself to limiting the ontology of the simulation further constraining the extent to which such knowledge may be used. Here we offer an affordable method for semi-automating the generation and injection of semantic properties into a virtual environment for the purpose of producing more natural agent-object interaction.

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