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OpenGL Tutorials at NeHe

The OpenGL Programming Guide (The Red Book)

Moving from Java to C++

C++ Tutorial

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3D Buzz

Recommended Courses

CS 325 Introduction to Game Design

CS 351 Visual Computing

CS 425 Game Programming I

CS 426 Game Programming II

CS 451 Computer Graphics

CS 580 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS 583 Analysis of Algorithms

CS 551 Computer Graphics

CS 658 Networked Virtual Environments

CS 662 Computer Graphics and Game Technologies

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Students studying computer animation and games at GMU work very, very hard to bring their amazing ideas to life. Your gift would help underwrite their projects, send them to annual conferences, and enhance the activities and events that keep them on the leading edge of this exciting field. If you would like to make a donation or are interested in sponsoring a research project, please email jallbeck[at]