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CS Department welcomes Prof. Cheng

The CS department welcomes Dr. Yue Cheng, who will be joining the department as tenure-track Assistant Professor. Dr. Cheng completed his PhD in Computer Science at Virginia Tech in June 2017. His research interests are in distributed systems, storage and I/O systems, cloud computing, internet of things, and high performance computing. He will be teaching CS 471 (Operating Systems) in Fall 2017.


Research Highlights

  • Featured Image: Microtask Programming

    Microtask Programming

    Can software be built through self-contained ten-minute contributions? In microtask crowdsourcing, transient contributors are given a short, well-defined task and an interface purpose-built for completing it. 

  • Featured Image: Towards Integrated Wireless Networking and Sensing using Millimeter-wave

    Towards Integrated Wireless Networking and Sensing using Millimeter-wave

    Professor Parth Pathak’s research investigates the design of next generation of wireless networks that can provide very high data rate wireless links and enable smart indoor spaces.

  • Featured Image: Community and Topic Detection

    Community and Topic Detection

    Community and topic detection in a research collaboration network from NSF awards granted by the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) between January 1995 and August 2014. The network (depicted here as a point cloud) connects PI and co-PIs who received funding from the same award. The coloring in the Figure above was made by modularity groups and the size was by degree.

  • Featured Image: Harmonizing the wireless world

    Harmonizing the wireless world

    Professor Song Min Kim investigates on the interplay between wireless technologies, to effectively support massive-scale networks in the Internet of Things.