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Cape Coast
A fair piece west of Ghana's capital, Accra, though still far short of western neighbor Ivory Coast, lies a pleasant town with a grim history, Cape Coast, one-time capital and debarcation point for slave ships.
View from the porch of our hotel, was our first exposure to the painting and refurbishing for Ghana@50.
London Bridge now exists on three continents, though it puzzles me why "1905" appears here, as it was 3-4 years earlier that the English completed the smashing of the Ashanti kingdom and why would Ghanaians want to commemorate that anyway.
The Crab is my zodiacal sign and apparently the Cape Coast mascot.
Delivery system for local merchandise. There are quite a lot of these.
5/8 of a litre is how much beer you can expect unless you specify otherwise, which is about what it takes to cool off back in Cape Coast after a day at Elmina Castle and try to put aside for the moment the gruesome particulars of the slave trade.
Excellent sail, Cape Coast
Kakum National Park is a substantial trotro ride north from Cape Coast. Here's Ed on the skywalk. Not for the vertiginous, this thing is 100 feet up and goes on for 7 suspensions'-worth (with 6 intervening platforms). You get to see the forest canopy, but to my eye it was no different from what you'd expect looking at unusual and incredibly tall trees from the tenth floor of a building. If there's a special ecosystem up there, I could not detect it. As an experience, though, it's definitely more exciting than looking out a window.
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