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Elmina and its Castle
From Cape Coast, a fairly short trotro ride gets you to Elmina, a bit smaller but equally intriguing and similarly tainted with slaving.
Fishing industry
Dredging will inevitably get done and not just in Elmina. Boats need deep enough water. On the other hand, you gotta do it right or you will destroy key eco-systems. More information on this important topic is available from Jessica.
Dredge equipment
Elmina Castle, built by the Portuguese in the 1480s, fell to the Dutch in 1637 and was later turned over to England. This castle is a good example of the replastering and painting activity that was so widespread in the run-up to the celebration of "Ghana@50," the 50th anniversary of Independence from British colonial rule. You can see scaffolding in place for the recently done and remaining surfaces.
Inside the castle. More scaffolding and surface restoration. Also, someone else (lower left) is taking pictures digitally and checking them out.
More castle with lonely cannon.
Local hero: This one-time king was also Chief of Elmina. He forcibly opposed the British and was exiled for a quarter century for his efforts.
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