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23-January, 2015
Software Engineering Experimentation
Spring 2015

The papers on this list are available online, but I downloaded them to the course website for the use of students in this course only. GMU students can access many papers from off-campus through the university's digital subscriptions by going to the library's database portal.

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You should know about Springer's Empirical Software Engineering journal.

I. Empirical Methods Overview

  1. Per Runeson and Martin Höst, "Guidelines for conducting and reporting case study research in software engineering," Empirical Software Engineering, 14(2):131-164, April 2009. local copy
  2. Steve Easterbrook, Janice Singer, Margaret-Anne Storey, and Daniela Damian, "Selecting Empirical Methods for Software Engineering Research," Guide to advanced empirical software engineering, 2008. local copy
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  11. Jeff Offutt, "Editorial: Who Is An Author?," Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, 25(2), January 2015. local copy

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Note: The dates before the papers are when that paper will be discussed.

II. Technical Papers

    A. Metrics and Complexity

  1. (16-February) Burak Turhan, Tim Menzies, Ayse B. Bener, and Justin Di Stefano, "On the Relative Value of Cross-Company and Within-Company Data for Defect Prediction," Empirical Software Engineering, 14(5):540-578, October 2009. local copy
  2. (16-February) Lionel Briand and J. Wuest, "Empirical Studies of Quality Models in Object-Oriented Systems," Advances in Computers, vol. 56, 2002, Academic Press. local copy

    B. Mutation Analysis

  3. (2-March) Jie Zhang, Muyao Zhu, Dan Hao, and Lu Zhang, "An Empirical Study on the Scalability of Selective Mutation Testing," 25th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE), 2014. local copy
  4. (2-March) Rene Just and Franz Schweiggert, "Higher Accuracy and Lower Run Time: Effcient Mutation Analysis Using Non-Redundant Mutation Operators," Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, Published online December 2014. local copy
  5. (16-March) Paul Ammann, Marcio E. Delamaro, and Jeff Offutt, "Establishing Theoretical Minimal Sets of Mutants," 7th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2014), March 2014, Cleveland Ohio, USA. local copy (Moved to week 7 after paper bids)

    C. Security

  6. (16-March) Toan Huynh and James Miller, "An Empirical Investigation Into Open Source Web Applications’ Implementation Vulnerabilities," Empirical Software Engineering, 15(5):556-576, October 2010. local copy (Deleted after paper bids)

    D. Reliability

  7. (16-March) Ahmet Okutan and Olcay Taner Yildiz, "Software defect prediction using Bayesian networks," Empirical Software Engineering, February 2015, 20(1):154-181. local copy

    E. Testing

  8. (23-March) Jeff Offutt and Chandra Alluri, "An industrial study of applying input space partitioning to test financial calculation engines," Empirical Software Engineering, June 2014, 19(3):558-581. local copy
  9. (23-March) Mark Hennessy and James F. Power, "Analysing the Effectiveness of Rule-Coverage as a Reduction Criterion for Test Suites of Grammar-Based Software," Empirical Software Engineering, 13(4):343-368, August 2008. local copy (Deleted after paper bids)
  10. (23-March) Mats Grindal, Birgitta Lindstrom, Jeff Offutt, and Sten F. Andler, "An Evaluation of Combination Strategies for Test Case Selection," Empirical Software Engineering, 11(4):583-611, December 2006. local copy

    F. Maintenance and Evolution

  11. (30-March) Byron J. Williams and Jeffrey C. Carver, "Examination of the software architecture change characterization scheme using three empirical studies," Empirical Software Engineering, June 2014, 19(3):419-464. local copy
  12. (30-March) Mikhail Perepletchikov and Caspar Ryan, "A controlled experiment for evaluating the impact of coupling on the maintainability of service-oriented software," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 37(4):449-465, (2011). local copy
  13. (30-March) Stephen R. Schach, Bo Jin, Liguo Yu, Gillian Z. Heller, and Jeff Offutt, "Determining the Distribution of Maintenance Categories: Survey versus Measurement," Empirical Software Engineering, 8(4):351-365, December 2003. local copy

    G. Design and Modeling

  14. (6-April) Gregor Polančič, Gregor Jošt, and Marjan Heričko, "An experimental investigation comparing individual and collaborative work productivity when using desktop and cloud modeling tools," Empirical Software Engineering, February 2015, 20(1):142-175. local copy
  15. (6-April) Wojciech James Dzidek, Erik Arisholm, and Lionel C. Briand, "A Realistic Empirical Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of UML in Software Maintenance," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 34(3):407-432, May/June 2008. local copy

    H. HCI

  16. (13-April) Richard J. Miara, Joyce A. Musselman, Juan A. Navarro, and Ben Shneiderman, "Program Indentation and Comprehensibility," Communications of the ACM, 26(11):861-867, November 1983. local copy

    I. Requirements

  17. (13-April) Michael Felderer, Armin Beer, and Bernhard Peischl, "On the Role of Defect Taxonomy Types for Testing Requirements: Results of a Controlled Experiment," IEEE 2014 40th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA), 2014. local copy
  18. (13-April) Özlem Albayrak and Jeffrey C. Carver, "Investigation of individual factors impacting the effectiveness of requirements inspections: A replicated experiment," Empirical Software Engineering, February 2015, 20(1):241-266. local copy (Deleted after paper bids)

    J. Process and Management

  19. (20-April) Hans-Christian Estler, Martin Nordio, Carlo A. Furia, Bertrand Meyer, and Johannes Schneider, "Agile vs. Structured Distributed Software Development: A Case Study," IEEE Seventh International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), August 2012, pages 11-20. (Also Empirical Software Engineering, October 2014, 19(5):1197-1224.) local copy
  20. (20-April) Oscar Dieste, Natalia Juristo, and Mauro Danilo Martinc, "Software Industry Experiments: A Systematic Literature Review," IEEE 1st International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry (CESI), 2013. local copy