Seminar Schedule of Spring 2008
01/25/20083:00 PMDynamic Bi-Overlay Rotation for Streaming with Heterogeneous DevicesDongyu LiuST2, Room 430A
02/07/20082:00 PMVoIP over 802.11Henning SchulzrinneRoom 5&6, Sub II
02/22/20081:30 PMExploiting Hardware/Software Interactions for Embedded Systems DesignSibin MohanST2, Room 430A
03/07/20083:00 PMSecure Structures for Symmetric Key Ciphers and Their ApplicationsDebra CookST2, Room 430A
03/21/20083:00 PMSQLProb: A Proxy-based Architecture towards Preventing SQL Injection AttacksAnyi LiuST2, Room 430A
04/04/20083:00 PMRouting in Delay Tolerant NetworksMuhammad AbdullaST2, Room 430A
04/18/20083:00 PMRoving Bugnet: Distributed Surveillance Threat and MitigationRyan FarleyST2, Room 430A