Fall 2013 Syllabi

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Undergraduate Courses

CS101001Preview of Computer ScienceDuric, Z
CS105001/002/003/007Computer Ethics and SocietyKauffman, C
CS105004/008Computer Ethics and SocietyGeldon, F
CS105005/006Computer Ethics and SocietyMaddox, M
CS112ALLIntroduction to Computer ProgrammingAll Instructors
CS211ALLIntroduction to Object Oriented ProgrammingDobolyi, K
CS222001Computer Programming for EngineersNordstrom, D
CS262001/002/004Introduction to Low-level ProgrammingNordstrom, D
CS262003Intro. to Low-level ProgrammingMaddox, T
CS306ALLSynth. of Ethics & Law for the Computing ProfessionalMaddox, T
CS310001Data StructuresCarver, R
CS310002/003Data StructuresKauffman, C
CS321001Software Requirements and Design ModelingDobolyi, K
CS321002Software Requirements and Design ModelingGomaa, H
CS330001formal methodsRichards, D
CS330002Formal Methods and ModelsDomeniconi, C
CS332001Object-Oriented Software Design and ImplementationAmmann, P
CS367001Computer Systems and ProgrammingWhite, E
CS367002Computer Systems and ProgrammingWang, P
CS390001Research and Project Design Principles in ComputingWang, P
CS425001Game Programming 1Lien, J
CS450001Database ConceptsMotro, A
CS451001Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS465001Computer Systems and ArchitectureRangwala, H
CS465002Computer Systems ArchitectureSood, A
CS471001Operating SystemsAydin, H
CS480001Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceLuke, S
CS482001Computer VisionDuric, Z
CS483001Analysis of AlgorithmsLi, F
CS485001Autonomous RoboticsShehu, A
CS499002Mobile Device ProgrammingWhite, E
SWE332001Object-Oriented Software Design and ImplementationAmmann, P
SWE432001Design and Implementation of Software for the WebDobolyi, K

Graduate Courses

CS551001Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS555001Computer Communications and NetworksSimon, R
CS571001Operating SystemsAydin, H
CS580ALLIntroduction to Artificial IntelligenceTecuci, G
CS583001Analysis of AlgorithmsLi, F
CS583001algorithmsRichards, D
CS650001Advanced Database ManagementBrodsky, A
CS675001Distributed SystemsChen, S
CS681001Designing Expert SystemsTecuci, G
CS685001Autonomous RoboticsKosecka, J
CS688001Pattern RecognitionDomeniconi, C
CS706001Concurrent Software SystemsCarver, R
CS780001Data Mining on Multimedia DataLin, J
CS795001Interactive Graphics and Creativity SupportGingold, Y
CS795004Geometric ProcessingLien, J
CS884001Adv. Topics in Computer Vision and RoboticsKosecka, J
INFS501001Discrete and Logical Structures for Information SystemsEllis, W
INFS515001INFS 515 Computer ArchitectureFoxwell, H
INFS519002Program Design and Data StructuresNordstrom, D
INFS612001Principles and Practices of Communication NetworksSrinivasan, A
INFS614001Database ManagementLin, J
INFS622001Systems Analysis and DesignHoward, C
INFS623001Web Search Engines and Recommender SystemsMotro, A
INFS640001Introduction to Electronic CommerceKerschberg, L
INFS740001Database Programming for the World Wide WebKerschberg, L
ISA562001Information Security Theory/PracticeSrinivasan, A
ISA564201Security LaboratorySrinivasan, A
ISA650002Federal IT Security PolicyCurts, R
ISA674001Intrusion DetectionWang, X
ISA681ALLSecure Software Design and ProgrammingWheeler, D
ISA763001ISA763Wijesekera, D
SWE510001SWE 510 Object-Oriented Programming in JavaBaldo, J
SWE619001Object-Oriented Software Specification and ConstructionAmmann, P
SWE621001Software Modeling and Architectural DesignGomaa, H
SWE622001Distributed Software EngineeringMalek, S
SWE632002User Interface Design and DevelopmentPettit, R
SWE645001Component-based Software DevelopmentDubey, V