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Software Engineering for the World Wide Web
SWE 642 Course Schedule
Fall 2013

Meet Date Topic Readings Web Homeworks
      & Slides Resources  
1 27-Aug Overview paper, Ch 1
Slides: Class admin
Slides: Intro
Slides: Responsibilities
Do you give a ...?
HTML Validator
Hwk 1
2 3-Sep Intro Web Software
Ch 2.1-2.9, 3.1-3.6
Slides: The Interweb
Slides: HTML
Advanced HTML
Java origins
Java style
Hwk 2
3 10-Sep Client-side Software
(Java for the Web, JavaScripts)
Ch 4, Appendix B
Slides: N-Tier
Slides: JS
JS Examples
Top 10 Java Errors
Java Resources
JQuery UI
417-Sep Server-side Software
(Java servlets)
Ch 6, Appendix A
Slides: Servlets
Servlet Examples
21st Century Education
Deploying servlets
Accessing Hermes
Free Unix Tutorial
Servlet resources
Hwk 3
 21-Sep Unix and Servlet Deploying
Special meeting, Saturday from 2:00-4:00, ENGR 1505.
Hands on computing lab where the instructor will walk
step-by-step through various Unix commands and how to
deploy servlets on our apps-cluster.
Script for Saturday (text) Unix Introduction (pdf)
VIM Introduction (pdf) VIM Reference (pdf)
5 24-Sept Server-side Software
(More about servlets)
Ch 6 (cont.)
Slides: More Servlets
Slides: Deployment
Slides: Midterm Review
Installing Tomcat
Hwk 4
6 X1-Oct Midterm Exam      
7 8-Oct Midterm discussion
Server-side Software
(Managing state)
Ch 6
Slides: Exceptions
Slides: State Management
  Hwk 5
 15-Oct Columbus Day no class    
8 22-Oct Web Data Management
(Java JDBC, XML)
Appendix C, Ch 7
Slides: JDBC
Slides: XML
XML Examples
10 Internet laws
JDBC Intro
Hwk 6
9 29-Oct Web Data Management
Ch 7 (cont.)
Slides: Adv. XML
Slides: JAXB
Slides: Security
XML Schema
10 5-Nov Component-based SWE
(Java Server Pages)
Ch 8 Read this
Slides: JSP
Slides: JSP State
JSP Examples
Deploying JSPs
JSP Resources
<%@include%> vs
Hwk 7
1112-Nov Component-based SWE
(Java Server Pages)
JSP Tutorial (cont.)
Slides: Java Beans
Slides: JSP design
Slides: JSP maint
1219-Nov Asynchronous Software Ch 1.7.6-1.7.7
Slides: Ajax
Ajax Examples
Slides: Security

Incredible recursive
Adobe Connect
Hwk 8
1326-Nov Testing Web Apps Student Info System Demo
Slides: Testing Web Apps
Web App Design
Web Services
Slides: Design
Slides: Web Services
Slides: Final Review
J2EE Tutorial
15 10-Dec
Final Exam 4:30 - 7:15 Because of snow, rescheduled
to Friday, Innovation 132.