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A PhD degree can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding educational experiences. You work closely with a faculty mentor, performing original research, and tackling challenging and unsolved problems.

The Computer Science Department offers the PhD in Computer Science and participates in the PhD in Information Technology. The latter has concentrations in Information Systems, Information Security and Assurance, and Software Engineering.

Financial Support   The GMU CS department is committed to funding PhD students as much as possible. A significant number of Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship positions available. PhD students are given strong preference for these positions, and at present most PhD students in need of an assistantship are being funded.

PhD in Computer Science

GMU is an excellent place to pursue a PhD in computer science. We have a strong faculty in a diverse set of computer science areas and our program is nationally ranked. Additionally, George Mason University is located in the center of one of the largest computer science and information technology corridors in the nation, and is in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., a major center for science and engineering research and funding. This makes the area a rich source for PhD research opportunities. Our PhD graduates have been highly successful both in academic and industrial positions. → More Information

PhD in Information Technology

The PhD in Information Technology is offered by the Volgenau School of Engineering, of which the Department of Computer Science is a part. The Computer Science department participates in the concentrations in Information Systems, Software Engineering, and Information Security and Assurance. The doctoral program allows students to take a broad range of courses and research options. Students can specialize in various areas, including information systems, software engineering, and information security.

You may also pursue research in computer science in this program, and will receive an IT PhD rather than a CS PhD → More Information