Selected Talks

The Challenges of Probabilistic Thinking
(keynote talk at ICFEM 2017)

The Power of Probabilistic Thinking
(keynote talk at ASE 2016)

Known Unknowns: Testing in the Presence of Uncertainty
(talk at ACM SIGSOFT FSE 2014 Visions & Challenges Track)

Career Management
(invited talk at ICSE 2014 NFRS)

Jogging While Driving, and Other Software Engineering Research Problems
(invited talk for UIC Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series)

Felicitous Computing
(invited Talk for UC Irvine ISR Distinguished Speaker Series)
YouTube Video of David's Talk

Whither Software Engineering Research?
(keynote talk at APSEC 2012)

SIGSOFT Impact Award: Reflections and Prospects
(invited talk at SIGSOFT FSE 2008 upon receiving the inaugural ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award)

Scalability in Software Systems Engineering: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
(Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Software Systems, University College London, 13 December 2004)

vote of thanks by Alexander L. Wolf

Assertions a Decade Later
(invited talk at ICSE 2002 upon receiving the ICSE 1992 Most Influential Paper Award)

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