Ph.D. Students

National University of Singapore

Completed PhDs

Ratul Saha (2018; thesis Quantitative Model Checking of Distributed Probabilistic Systems; co-supervised with P.S. Thiagarajan)

Yongpo Jia (2018; thesis Multi-Source Learning from Social Network Data)

Marc Sven Brünink (2018; thesis Analyzing the Behavior of Deployed Software)

Ye Liu (2018; thesis User Attribute Learning from Social Media and Ubiquitous Sensors)

Yamilet Rosario Serrano Llerena (2018; thesis Applications of Perturbation Analysis in Probabilistic Model Checking)

Nirandika Wanigasekara (2019; thesis Decision Models for Context-Aware IoT Applications)

Kun Ouyang (2020; thesis Human Mobility Analytics with Deep Representation)

Thilina Madusanka Thanthriwatta (2021; thesis Modeling Dynamic Aspects of Context-Aware Recommender Systems)

University College London

Completed PhDs

Jorge Ortega Arjona (2007; thesis Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming—Models for Performance Estimation)

Genaina Nunes Rodrigues (2008; thesis A Model Driven Approach for Software Reliability Prediction)

Letícia Duboc (2010; thesis A Framework for the Characterization and Analysis of Software Systems Scalability)

Costin Raiciu (2011; thesis ROAR: Increasing the Flexibility and Performance of Distributed Search)

Michele Sama (2011; thesis Context-Driven Methodologies for Context-Aware and Adaptive Systems)

Fokion Zervoudakis (2014; thesis Cascading Verification: An Integrated Method for Domain- Specific Model Checking)

Panagiotis Papakos (2014; thesis Volare Mobile Context-aware Adaptation for the Cloud)

Last updated 21 June 2021