Polyhedra and Inversive Distance Circle Packings

GRAND Seminar Friday, April 26, 11 am, Room: ENGR 4801


John Bowers
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science,
James Madison University


In this talk we present some of the fascinating history of the study of 3-dimensional Euclidean polyhedra focusing on Cauchy’s celebrated rigidity theorem. We then show how to adapt and generalize Cauchy’s argument to prove the rigidity of convex inversive distance circle packings. Such circle packings are closely related to convex hyper-ideal polyhedra in hyperbolic space and our result implies their rigidity.

Short Bio:

John Bowers is an assistant professor of computer science at James Madison University. His research interests are in discrete and comptutational geometry, primarily problems arising from studying the rigidity of circle packings and polyhedra. His teaching intersts are in the mathematical side of the undergraduate CS curriculum.