The RoboPatriots are a team of four humanoid robots at the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University. The RoboPatriots compete in the "kid-size" humanoid robot soccer league at RoboCup, an annual international autonomous robotic soccer competition. See our YouTube channel. The 2015 RoboPatriots are a joint effort of the GMU Autonomous Robotics Laboratory and the GMU Lofaro Labs, and are sponsored by the National Science Foundation and by Tom Bihn.

Humanoid robots must be able to play soccer autonomously, despite severely limited computing resource, a noisy and unpredictable world, and limited sensors. The RoboPatriots are unusual at RoboCup that they are part of a difficult learning from demonstration experiment. Our goal is to show up at RoboCup, train the robots how to play collective soccer on the field immediately prior to the competition, and enter the results in the competition.

Successful Learned Goal Kick, 2012


  • 2009, 2010: Hard-coded team.
  • 2011: Hard-coded, except one robot behavior in a single robot (an attacker) was successfully trained at the competition
  • 2012: Hard-coded, except one entire robot (an attacker) was trained at the competition. This robot kicked a successful goal, winning a game.
  • 2014: Hard-coded goalie, all three attackers were trained at the competition to play collaborative soccer (including set plays, passing, etc.) These attackers won two out of four games.
  • 2015 Goal: All four players to be trained at the competition.

2015 Qualification Video



Sponsors and Collaborators

  • GMU Lofaro Labs is collaborating with the Autonomous Robotics Laboratory in the development of the 2015 team.
  • The National Science Foundation under grants 1317813 and 0916870.
  • Tom Bihn, who are, pro bono, developing a special jersey for our goalies.