GRAND Seminar - Fall 2008

During Spring 2008 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are on Tuesday at 12:00 pm in 430A.

Jieping Ye
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Arizona State University
Sep 11, 11 amSTII 330Automated Annotation of Drosophila Gene Expression Patterns Using a Controlled Vocabulary
Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza
Computer Science
ITAM. Universidad. México
Sep 25STII 430Experimental Results on Alternative Strategies in Two Agent-Based Game Playing Systems
Arun Sood
Oct 02STII 430Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance – Next Generation Server Security
Amarda Shehu
Oct 16STII 430Geometric Algorithms for Biological Research: Everything is a puzzle after all
Graham Morgan
CS, GMU & School of Computing Science, Newcastle University
Nov 13STII 430Computer Science and Video Games: Teaching and Research in Higher Education?
Chang-Tien Lu
Computer Science
Virginia Tech's Northern Virginia Center
Nov 21, 3pmSTII 430AITVS: Advanced Interactive Traffic Visualization System?
Wei-Shinn Ku
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Auburn University
postponedSTII 430TBA