GRAND Seminar - Fall 2009

During Fall 2009 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are on Tuesday at 12:00 pm in Engineering 4201

Fall Schedule

Li Chen
Computer Science and Information Technology
University of the District of Columbia
Sept 11ENGR 4201Digital Geometry and 3D Imagery: Topological methods
Rezarta Islamaj-Dogan
Sept 22ENGR 4201From recognizing biological sequences, to identifying search keywords: A feature generation framework (Host: Amarda Shehu)
Jana Kosecka
Sept 29ENGR 4801Reconstruction, Localization and Semantic Parsing of urban scenes
Matt Moses
Mechanical Engineering
Robot and Protein Kinematics Lab
Johns Hopkins University
Oct 20ENGR 4201Toward Physical Universal Constructors: Materials, Processes, Modules, and System
Anna Panchenko
Oct 27ENGR 4201Role of promiscuous binding and intrinsic disorder in protein interactions (Host: Amarda Shehu)
Nurit Haspel
Computer Science Dept.
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Nov 03ENGR 4201Computing structural changes in proteins (Host: Amarda Shehu)
Erion Plaku
Computational Sensing and Robotics Lab
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
Nov 10ENGR 4201United we stand, divided we fall: Integrating Continuous Robot Motion Planning and Discrete Action Planning
Peter Squire
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
Nov 17 postponedENGR 4201The Focus of Visuospatial Attention Is Controlled by Separate Processes
Lin-Ching Chang
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Catholic University of America
Dec 04 postponedENGR 4201 

Summer Schedule

David Wai-lok Cheung
Computer Science
University of Hong Kong
July 23ENGR 4201Secure Computation on Encrypted Database