The Department of Computer Science offers provisionally admitted MS students the opportunity to "test out" of the INFS 501, 515, 519, and SWE 510 foundation courses as well as the courses CS 530 and CS 531 that are required for provisionally admitted MSCS students. 

The exams are given each January and August. It is important to note that you will be permitted to take each exam one time only. Failure to pass the exam will mean that you MUST take the foundation classes before enrolling in any core curriculum course.

Registration is required. Please email your intent to Include your name, G number and the exams you wish to register for. A photo ID must be presented on the day of the exam. Each exam will be one hour in length. They are scheduled for the following days and times. 

Upcoming Exam Information

You must bring a hand calculator that is capable of raising numbers to powers. No calculator will be provided for you. Calculator-sharing, cell-phone calculators, and computers will not be allowed.

The dates and locations for each exam will be published closer to the January date for the exams.