The Bachelor’s-Accelerated-Master’s (BAM) programs allow highly qualified CS and ACS students to complete a BS and an MS within five years. BAM students can take up to four courses (12 credits) of graduate courses that count towards both the BS and the MS degrees.

BAM students can take an additional two courses (6 credits) of graduate courses on reserve. Reserve credits are held on reserve until you start your MS degree.

With 12 credits of BAM coursework and 6 of reserve credit coursework, you will only need an additional 12 credits (4 courses) to complete an MS degree with only one additional year.

Am I eligible?

  • GPA of 3.30 or above
  • Completed 60 hours of undergraduate courses
  • Successfully completed CS 310 and CS 330

BS-CS and BS-ACS students can apply into any of our four MS programs:

Since it it easy for students to transfer among our MS programs, being accepted to one BAM program is equivalent to being accepted to all BAM programs.

BAM courses

Once earning 75 credits, and passing CS 367, BAM students can start taking graduate courses. The department has defined the following BAM pairs. BAM students take the graduate-level course, which replaces the corresponding undergraduate course. The courses will be either core required or elective, depending on which BS and which MS program you are in.

Graduate course number and title To replace
CS 540 Language Processors CS 440
CS 550 Database Systems CS 450
CS 551 Computer Graphics CS 451
CS 555 Computer Communications and Networking CS 455
CS 571 Operating Systems CS 471
CS 580 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS 480
CS 583 Analysis of Algorithms CS 483
CS 584 Theory and Applications of Data Mining CS 484
CS 587 Introduction to Cryptography CS 487
SWE 619 OO Software Specification and Construction SWE 419
SWE 637 Software Testing SWE 437
SWE 642 Software Engineering for the World Wide Web SWE 432


  • You may NOT apply both a 400-level and the paired graduate course to your BS program. For example, if you take CS 440, you cannot also apply CS 540 to your BS program.
  • You must satisfy all recommended and required prerequisites for your graduate courses.

How to apply

Normally, BAM students should begin their MS program the semester after completing their undergraduate degree. However, it may be possible to get a one-year extension.

Catalog rules

The university BAM policies are in the catalog under AP.6.7 Bachelor’s-Accelerated Master’s Degrees.

Sample Schedules