The CS Department's External Advisory Board is composed of highly respected leaders in industry and government from a wide spectrum of organizations. The members provide the department with critical guidance and feedback so that our courses and programs reflect the state of the art in computing technology. The Board plays a fundamental role in assisting the Department in our goal of graduating students who are well prepared to meet the workforce needs of the state and the nation. 

Computer Science External Advisory Board Members

  • BARBIE S. BIGELOW, Chief Information Officer, Jacobs Engineering

  • ALAN HARBITTER, Consultant, Harbitter Consulting, LLC

  • MARK HARTONG, Senior Scientific Technical Advisor, Federal Railroad Administration

  • LAUREL FIELDING MYSLEWICZ (chair), Chief Technology Officer. NetComm, Inc. 

  • KENNETH E. NIDIFFER, Director of Strategic Plans for Government Programs, Software Engineering Institute

  • DENNIS V. PEREIRA, Senior Technical Consultant, Data Works, Inc.

  • ROBERT G. PETTIT, IV, Sr. Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

  • SRIRAM RAJARAMAN, Software Development Engineer, Amazon Web Services

  • KEN SMITH, Sr. Principal Database Scientist, Center for Innovative Computing & Informatics, The MITRE Corporation

  • JIM STANLEY, Director of Programs, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • MARC SURETTE, National Manager, DoD and Intelligence, Palo Alto Networks

  • SHERI WILLIAMSON, Software Analyst, Metron, Inc.

  • BRIAN ZIMAN, Software Engineer, Google