The department has technical reports dating from 1992, from the Department of Computer Science and the former Department of Information and Software Engineering.  Click on any of the years at right to view and download technical reports for that year.

A BibTeX database of all technical reports is available as technicalreports.bib

Submitting a Technical Report

To submit a technical report, follow the instructions given in "How To Make a Technical Report (Rev. 3)" (Technical Report GMU-CS-TR-2011-0). The technical report maintainer is

The data archive (.zip) accompanying the instructions contains useful things to help you submit your technical report:

  • A technical report template in LaTeX
  • A technical report template in Microsoft Word
  • A sample bibtex entry
  • The LaTeX document for the technical report "How to Make a Technical Report" as an example.

In short: you will first contact the technical report maintainer for a technical report number.  You then create the technical report according to the instructions above, plus a bibtex entry (again, see the instructions), and an optional zip file containing other data you wish to accompany the technical report.  Submit these three items to the maintainer and we'll get your report posted.