List of all syllabi by semester.

Number Section(s) Name Instructor
CS 110 DL1 Essentials of Computer Science Otten, J
CS 211 001, 003, 005, H01 Object Oriented Programming Dimitriadis, Kamberi,
CS 222 DL1 & P01 Computer Programming for Engineers Chen, J
CS 306 All Synth. of Ethics & Law for the Computing Professional Geldon, Maddox, Otten,
CS 310 DL1, DL2, DL3, DL4, DL5 Data Structures Dimitriadis, Russell,
CS 321 DL1, DL4, DL5 Software Engineering Soundararajan, S
CS 325 DL1 Introduction to Game Design Gingold, Y
CS 330 002 Formal Methods and Models Domeniconi, C
CS 330 003 Formal Methods and Models Gordon, S
CS 330 DL1 Formal Methods and Models Avramovic, I
CS 351 DL1 Visual Computing Yu, L
CS 367 All Computer Systems and Programming All,
CS 395 002 Binary Exploitation in Linux White, E
CS 395 DL1 Introduction to Internet of Things Soundararajan, S
CS 440 DL1 Language Processors and Programming Environments Zhong, Y
CS 450 DL3 Database Concepts Deng, P
CS 451 DL1 Computer Graphics Gingold, Y
CS 455 DL2 Computer Communications and Networking Pathak, P
CS 465 DL1 Computer Systems Architecture Zhong, Y
CS 471 DL1 Operating Systems Andrea, K
CS 471 DL2 Operating Systems Aydin, H
CS 471 DL3 Operating Systems Chen, S
CS 480 DL 2 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Luke, S
CS 499 DL2 Natural Language Processing Anastasopoulos, A
CS 499/ 587 Introduction to Cryptography Baldimtsi, F
CS 504 DL4 Principles of Data Management and Mining Hrolenok, B
CS 504 DL2/DL3 Principles of Data Management and Mining Deng, P
CS 571 Operating Systems Cheng, Y
CS 580 DL 1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Luke, S
CS 584 001 Data Mining Rangwala, H
CS 630 Advanced Algorithms Chen, X
CS 682 001 Computer Vision Kosecka, J
CS 782 001 Advanced Machine Learning Domeniconi, C
CS 795 DL1 Mobile Immersive Computing Han, B
INFS 501 DL1 Descrete/Logic Structors for INFS Ellis, W
SWE 205 001 Software Usability Ammann, P
SWE 619 001 OO Software Specification and Construction Ammann, P
SWE 625 001 Managing and Leading Software Projects Nidiffer, K