Computer Science Department graduates have distinguished themselves in academic, government, and business careers across the globe. Our featured alumni have maintained their research interests while applying their academic foundations to reach the top of their professional careers. 

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Meaghan Clark, BS CS (2012)

Ben Gelman, BS CS (2014), MS CS (2016)

Nathan LaPierre, BS CS (2015)

Naeem Esfahani, Ph.D.(2014) Software Engineer, Google

Yao Liu Ph.D.(2013), Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Binghampton University

Sam Blasiak, Ph.D. (2013), Software Engineer, Google

Ronald Ritchey, B.S. (1996), M.S. (2000), Ph.D. (2007), Managing Director, JP Morgan & Chase

Alan Harbitter, Ph.D. (2002), CTO, Harbitter Consulting, LLC

Peng Ning, Ph.D. (2001),  Professor (CS Department, NC State Univ), Vice President, Samsung Telecommunications America

M. Brian Blake, Ph.D. (2000), Provost and Executive VP, Drexel University

Abdur Chowdhury, B.S (1995)., M.S., (1997), Former Chief Scientist, Twitter

Anhtuan Dinh, B.S (1989)., M.S., (1991), Ph.D. (1994), Director of Software Systems Engineering, MITRE