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The department offers a wide range of masters programs: Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Security and Assurance, and Software Engineering. The Department also offers additional MS certificates in a variety of topics; course work toward the certificates can be used for credit toward various Masters programs.

Graduate classes are offered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate the professionally employed students. Financial aid in the form of graduate assistantships may be available for full- time degree-seeking students. Appropriate courses may be transferred, with advisor approval, into the degree program.

Undergraduate students in CS or IT at George Mason University may also enroll in an accelerated MS as part of their BS degree. For more information, see the links at right.

Masters of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science offers students the opportunity to combine a sound foundation in computer science with concentrated knowledge in the latest developments in particular areas. Our faculty have expertise in many areas of computer science, including algorithms and theory, artificial intelligence and computer vision, systems and networks, databases and data mining, graphics and image processing, security, programming languages, and software engineering. → More Information

Masters of Science in Information Security and Assurance

This program satisfies the dual needs of preparing graduates to (1) fill the need for information security and assurance professionals to work in a wide variety of capacities to protect the information systems of different types of organizations, and to support the nation's information infrastructure and (2) conducting advanced research and in information security and assurance. Consequently, the degree provides technical knowledge and skills to understand information security, and provides specialized theoretical knowledge and experimental experience. → More Information

Masters of Science in Information Systems

This professional degree program focuses on the technical, managerial and policy issues associated with designing, building and maintaining information systems in organizations. Data, information and knowledge are crucial to the modern enterprise, and the MS in Information Systems (MSIS) program addresses both the theoretical and engineering aspects of specifying, designing, implementing and managing large-scale information systems. → More Information

Masters of Science in Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering provides specialized knowledge and experience in developing and modifying large, complex software systems. It emphasizes technical and management aspects of the software engineering process. Software engineering is an established discipline based on requirement analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, economics, and management issues of software engineering. A pragmatic approach to problem solving is the hallmark of a software engineer. Software engineers are concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of technology, cost, and social impact of software systems that are both effective and efficient. → More Information