Masters of Software Engineering

Mission: To teach students to become leaders in engineering high quality, large scale, computing solutions to real life problems.

Class Topics Include

  • Technical aspects of software engineering
  • Management aspects of software engineering
  • Requirement analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Theoretical aspects of technology
  • Practical aspects of technology
  • Costs of software engineering
  • Social impacts of software

Potential Employers

  • All software vendors
  • Internet-based companies
  • Electronic business organizations
  • Businesses that build and sell computers
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Aerospace companies
  • Government contractors
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturing organizations

Our Students' Background

  • Computer science
  • General science
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Liberal arts
  • Business

Many of our students are working or have worked in the software industry.

Technologies Emphasized

  • Object-oriented theory and design
  • Java
  • Use cases
  • The Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Web applications
  • Software architecture
  • Service oriented architecture
  • software project management
  • secure software design and programming
  • Formal methods using the Object Constraint Language (OCL)

This list changes every semester as we revise classes and the program to reflect changes in technology and the industry.

All classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and early evening to accommodate employed students.

Pre-Fall 2009 Degree Requirements