Spring 2015 Syllabi

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Undergraduate Courses

CS100001Principles of ComputingRichards, D
CS101001Preview of Computer ScienceDuric, Z
CS105001/002Computer Ethics and SocietyMaddox, T
CS105003/004/005/006Computer Ethics and SocietyKauffman, C
CS105007/008Computer Ethics and SocietyGeldon, F
CS112001/004Introduction to Computer ProgrammingZhong, Y
CS112002/003Introduction to Computer ProgrammingDobolyi, K
CS211ALLObject Oriented ProgrammingAll Instructors
CS222ALLComputer Programming for EngineersChen, J
CS262ALLIntroduction to Low-level ProgrammingAll Instructors
CS306ALLEthics and Law for the Computing ProfessionalAll Instructors
CS310ALLData StructuresNordstrom, D
CS321001/002Software Requirements and Design ModelingDobolyi, K
CS321004Software Requirements and Design ModelingOtten, J
CS325001Introduction to Game DesignGingold, Y
CS330001Methods and ModelsRichards, D
CS330002Formal Methods and Models Brodsky, A
CS351001Visual ComputingAllbeck, J
CS367ALLComputer Systems and ProgrammingWhite, E
CS426001Game Programming 2Lien, J
CS440001Language ProcessorsWhite, E
CS450001Database ConceptsKerschberg, L
CS463ALLComparative Programming LanguagesSnyder, M
CS465001Computer Systems ArchitectureZhong, Y
CS468001Secure Programming and SystemsSimon, R
CS471001Operating SystemsAydin, H
CS475001Concurrent Software SystemsCarver, R
CS483001Analysis of AlgorithmsDomeniconi, C
CS483002Analysis of AlgorithmsLi, F
CS484001Data MiningWechsler, H
CS490001Design ExhibitionWang, P
SWE437001Software Testing and MaintenanceAmmann, P

Graduate Courses

CS550001Database SystemsBrodsky, A
CS555001Computer Communications and NetworkingPullen, J
CS571ALLOperating SystemsSetia, S
CS580001Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceWechsler, H
CS583001Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsLi, F
CS600001Theory of ComputationRichards, D
CS659001Data MiningBarbara, D
CS682001Computer VisionKosecka, J
CS687001Advanced Artificial IntelligenceLuke, S
CS695001Natural ComputationDe Jong, K
CS695002Social and Information Network AnalysisRangwala, H
CS700001Quantitative Methods for Experimental Computer ScienceMenasce, D
CS757001Mining Massive DatasetsBarbara, D
CS777001Human Computer Intelligent InteractionDuric, Z
CS782001Machine LearningTecuci, G
INFS501001Discrete and Logical Structures for Information SystemsEllis, W
INFS519ALLProgram Design and Data StructuresRussell, K
INFS612001Principles and Practices of Communication NetworksStough, J
INFS614001Database ManagementHe, L
INFS622001Information Systems Analysis and DesignOlimpiew, E
ISA562001Information Security Theory and PracticeWijesekera, D
ISA564001Security LaboratoryWang, X
ISA656001Network SecurityWang, X
ISA785001Research in Digital ForensicsStavrou, A
ISA863001Cryptography and Zero Knowledge ProofsWijesekera, D
SWE510002Object-Oriented Programming in JavaBaldo, J
SWE621001Software Modeling and Architectural DesignGomaa, H
SWE637001Software TestingAmmann, P
SWE642002Software Engineering for the World Wide WebDubey, V
SWE645001Component-Based Software DevelopmentDubey, V
SWE721001Reusable Software ArchitecturesGomaa, H