This page contains sample in-class exercises for the second edition of the book Introduction to Software Testing by Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt, Cambridge University Press. These exercises are available for instructors, students, and readers of the book. The authors reserve the copyright, but grant permission for them to be used for educational purposes. The exercises can be modified as long as the copyright and reference to the footnote remains intact.

The authors welcome corrections, updates, and additions. We will be glad to credit any contributors to these exercises. New versions of exercises will have the dates marked in red for a few months.

The exercises are organized by chapter and indicated by group-work or individual, and by style of exercise:

The “active” versions of the slides have additional active exercises, usually to let students work examples during a lecture.

Jeff Offutt & Paul Ammann
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File Chapter or Section Type Group or Individual Last Update
Syllabus-SCI.htmlInitial Concept inventoryGroupOctober 2016
Part I. Overview
Ch01-whatILearned.htmlChapter 1 Short answerGroupOctober 2016
Ch02-discuss.htmlChapter 2 Group discussionGroupOctober 2016
Ch02Ch03-SCI.htmlChapter 2-3 Concept inventoryIndividualOctober 2016
Ch02Ch03-hwk2review.htmlChapter 2-3 Homework reviewGroupOctober 2016
Ch04Ch05-CI.htmlChapter 4-5 Concept inventoryGroupOctober 2016
Ch04Ch05-Discuss.htmlChapter 4-5 Group discussionGroupOctober 2016
Ch04-calcMemoryTDD.htmlChapter 4 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Part II. Criteria-Based Testing
Ch 6. Input Space Partitioning
Ch06-CI.htmlChapter 6 Concept inventoryGroupOctober 2016
Ch06-ISPCriteria.htmlChapter 6 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Ch 7. Graph Testing
Ch07-lastDefFirstUse.htmlChapter 7 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Ch07-WatchFSM.htmlChapter 7 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Ch 8. Logic Testing
Ch08-modelFSM.htmlChapter 8 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Ch 9. Syntax-based Testing
Ch09-codeDefenders.htmlChapter 9 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Ch09-grammars.htmlChapter 9 Problem solvingGroupOctober 2016
Part III
Part IV
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