Fall 2007 Syllabi

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Undergraduate Courses

CS101003Preview of Computer ScienceLuke, S
CS105ALLComputer Ethics and SocietyAll Instructors
CS112ALLIntroduction to Computer ProgrammingHeishman, R
CS211001Computer Science IIFleck, D
CS222001Computer Programming for EngineersNordstrom, D
CS306ALLSynthesis of Ethics and Law for the Computing ProfessionalMaddox, T
CS310001/002Computer Science IIINordstrom, D
CS330001Formal MethodsRichards, D
CS363001Comparative Programming LanguagesWhite, E
CS365001Computer Systems ArchitectureChen, S
CS367001Computer Systems & ProgrammingSetia, S
CS421ALLIntroduction to Software EngineeringFleck, D
CS440001Language Processors and Programming EnvironmentsWhite, E
CS451001Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS455001/002Computer Communications and NetworkingPullen, J
CS471001Operating SystemsCarver, R
CS482001Computer VisionDuric, Z
CS483001Analysis of AlgorithmsLi, F
CS499002Topics in Computer Science: Bioinformatics AlgorithmsWang, P

Graduate Courses

CS540001/002Language ProcessorsWhite, E
CS555001/002Computer Communications and NetworkingPullen, J
CS555003Computer Communications and NetworkingChen, S
CS571ALLOperating SystemsAydin, H
CS580ALLIntroduction to Artificial IntelligenceTecuci, G
CS583001/002Analysis of Algorithms IWang, P
CS633001Computational GeometryLien, J
CS652001Interactive Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS668001Computer Architecture DesignsZhong, Y
CS685002Intelligent Systems for RoboticsLuke, S
CS695002Topics in CS: MetaheuristicsDe Jong, K
CS700001Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in CSMenasce, D
CS706001Concurrent Software SystemsCarver, R
CS755001/002Advanced Computer NetworksPullen, J
CS782002Machine LearningDomeniconi, C